Sunday, February 20, 2011

Yet Another Camera Lens...

These may very well become a trend on here. Not only are they easy (generally) to slap together, but they are a blast to goof around with and see what kind of pictures you can produce. This lens is the 'child' of the first lens I put together. I say this because it's simply the front half of the first one. It has a somewhat macro-ish but not really with some neat blurs kind of effect to it, which I'm sure you all know exactly what I mean by that. Sadly no pictures yet, but I'm aiming to get a roll down sometime this week.

So to start, we had the usual drilling of the body cap.

I had some decently thick poster board from a failed Halloween endeavor, and made a sleave to fit around the lens. I also cut small slits into it to serve as guides for the two screws that protrude from the lens.

This seemed to be the final step and all was good, until I accidentally pulled the lens out of the sleeve, and tore the paper while attempting to fit it back in. Annoyed, I opted for a much simpler approach. I fit the sleeve to the cap, not the lens. This left a decent amount of room for the lens to slide in and out of, so I padded the lens with a few rounds of electrical tape.

All said and done...

Hopefully I'll have some pictures up next weekend. Trying to get back into the swing of things now that winter is dying down.