Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Citronella Wine Bottle

I had attended a cookout a few weeks ago, and hanging along the fence in the backyard were wine bottles that had been rigged up to serve as citronella candles. Now I love cheesy tiki torches as much as anybody else, but for a mere $6 per candle (minus the actual citronella oil), I couldn't resist giving it a go.
The bill of materials for this is pretty straight forward.
1) Empty wine bottle
2) Teflon tape
3) 3/8 to 1/2 copper adaptor
4) 1/2 copper cap
5) Tiki torch wick

Of course, since nothing can ever work the first time around, I found that the threaded adaptor I had bought was just barely too big to fit inside the bottle. A quick once over with the dremel and I was able to sand it down enough that it fit inside perfectly. This is where the teflon tape comes in handy. A few wraps around will bulk up the adaptor a bit, but since the tape gives a little under pressure, it creates a nice seal when inserted into the bottle.

After a little sanding...

A little tape...
You then thread the wick through the adaptor, fill the bottle up with oil, and you're done!


I let it soak for about 30-45 minutes before I fired it up (the idea is that the oil burns, not so much the wick). I'd say for 10 minutes of work and about $6 per bottle, definitely something I'd recommend trying out.

Mosquito Repelling Molotov Cocktail

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