Monday, June 7, 2010


Of course something would go wrong, why I didn't plan on it I don't know. So after getting the engine started twice, I had the chain fall off and bury itself into the spokes, which in turn, taco'd the tire. Apparently the root cause of all this is the POS chain tensioner thats included with the kit.

This piece of crap...
So it seems that I can do without the tensioner, given that my frame has whats called "drop-outs", or the slotted part of the frame where the tire is mounted. This gives me the ability to simply adjust the rear tire back if I need more tension on the chain. So yippee...I guess. Still doesn't change the fact that I've already burnt the $$$ on two tires :(.

I'm gonna hit up the internets some more and try to get as much info as I can, because I'm really tired of buying tires. Ideally this will be the last weekend of construction, ideally.

Sadness D:

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