Thursday, May 20, 2010

Motorized Bicycle (Disassembly / Sanding / Painting)

Managed to get the bike disassembled, and surprisingly it wasn't all to difficult.
That's not to say that I didn't run into any problems, it wouldn't be right if Captain Retard didn't make an appearance. In this case, it was during the removal of the chain. You are supposed to use a tool to push out this pin that will loosen the link, and thus separate the chain. So I did not own this tool, but I was determined to do without. The hex wrench was first up. I figured if I used one of the smaller sizes, I could use the same concept as the tool and push a pin through. No luck. My next great idea was the power drill. If I can drill out rivets and stripped screws, why not a chain pin? Here comes the genius, I used the tire itself as the support for the chain. Woosh! Here comes Captain Retard! The drill slipped and punches straight through the tire and the tube. As if the realization of what just happened wasn't enough, the loud hiss of air escaping calming reminds me of my mishap for another 20 seconds. Thankfully, it only cost me about $6 each for the chain tool and a new tire tube, lesson learned.

I had recently mentioned that I was fond of the dark green / white combo. It wasn't awful, but I think I can make it look much more badass. The only problem is that I haven't decided on a color scheme yet :\. Color scheme or not, I'm moving forward! I got myself some 0000 grade steel wool and gave the bike a once over. I wasn't all too concerned with stripping the old paint off, I only needed to scuff up the paint enough so that the new coat will stick.

Once that was taken care of, it was time to assemble my make shift paintbooth.

Consisting of some paper/plastic sheet from the hardware store propped up against a tree, my paint booth was finished in a solid 30 seconds. I'm gonna put on 3 coats of a dark gray primer, sanding between each coat. Should give me a solid foundation, now if I only had a color scheme picked out!

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