Sunday, May 23, 2010

Motorized Bicycle (More painting!)

I finally have the main components of the bike frame painted and reassembled.I've switched the overall theme of the bike from "G ride" to "total badass". So with that in mind, I went for a deep gray for the frame, lowered the seat, and flipped the handlebars; it gives it a pretty nice cafe racer feel. The only things left to take care of as far as painting is concerned are the hubs and the wheels. I found that the whitewall on the tires needed much more than just a little cleaning, so I decided to repaint them. Some quick painters tape reinforced with duct tape and I was ready to go.

And to accent the white, I figured bright red hubs would look pretty solid.

I'm hoping that I should have the bike fully reassembled tonight or tomorrow. I'll be ordering the motor tonight, and will hopefully that this guy ready to ride next weekend!

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